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বিপদতারিনী পূজা পদ্ধতি PDF Free Download

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  বিপদতারিনী পূজা পদ্ধতি
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 03 Jul 2022
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 129.49 kb
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 Religion & Spirituality
বিপদতারিনী পূজা পদ্ধতি PDF , বিপদতারিনী পূজা পদ্ধতি PDF Download , বিপদতারিনী পূজা পদ্ধতি PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article. বিপদতারিনী পূজা পদ্ধতি PDF Details , You can download বিপদতারিনী পূজা পদ্ধতি PDF by clicking on the following download button. বিপদতারিনী পূজা পদ্ধতি PDF Download Link , we are going to upload বিপদতারিনী পূজা পদ্ধতি PDF for all of you. The one who protects from all dangers or the one who destroys dangers is the one who is in danger. The one who is Durga is the one who is in danger. She is known as Kaushiki Devi in ​​the Puranas. Again she is Jayadurga. The goddess originated from the cell of Lord Shiva’s half-goddess Parvati – hence Kaushiki. According to the Puranas, the gods were defeated by two demons named Shumbha and Nishumbha and went to the Himalayas to worship Mahamaya. At that time Bhagwati Parvati was passing through that place. This goddess killed demons named Shumbha and Nishumbha in battle. This goddess gave Advaita knowledge to the enchanted Shumbhasura. According to another mythological legend, Lord Mahadev once ridiculed Goddess Parvati as ‘Kali’. The goddess became angry and abandoned her “black” form through austerities. That Krishnavarna Swarup Devi is the goddess Jayadurga or Kaushiki Devi, Bipadatarinidurga created from the body of the goddess Parvati.

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