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 Enuma Elish
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 11 Jun 2022
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 eBooks & Novels
Enuma Elish PDF , Enuma Elish PDF Download , Enuma Elish PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article. Enuma Elish PDF Details , You can download Enuma Elish PDF by clicking on the following download button. Enuma Elish PDF Download Link. here we are offering Enuma Elish PDF to all of you. The gods are frightened at the prospect of facing this army, with Kingu at its head. They don’t know how they could possibly defeat it. Marduk speaks up, offering to fight for the gods and defeat Tiamat and Kingu on one condition: that he be made absolute king of the gods, having even the power of life and death over his fellow divinities. The rest of the gods decide to test Marduk’s power by setting up a new constellation in the heavens. They challenge Marduk first to destroy it, and then to restore it just as it was. Marduk passes the test, and the gods agree to his conditions. Marduk is armed with a mace, a bow and arrows, and a net, and sent off to do battle.

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