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Ziarat E Ashura in Urdu PDF Free Download

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 Ziarat E Ashura in Urdu
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 03 May 2022
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 509.37 kb
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 Religion & Spirituality
Ziarat E Ashura PDF Urdu , Ziarat E Ashura Urdu PDF Download , Ziarat E Ashura in Urdu PDF download link is available below in the article, download PDF of Ziarat E Ashura in Urdu using the direct link given at the bottom of content.Ziarat E Ashura PDF Download in Urdu for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article. Ziyarat Ashura is an Islamic salutatory prayer to Allah. The prayer is part of the liturgy used in pilgrimages to the shrine of Husayn in Karbala. Muhammad al-Baqir, Prophet’s descendent and the fifth Shia Imam, recommended reciting Ziyarat Ashura on Ashura while facing Karbala, as a symbolic visit to the shrine Ziyarat-e-Ashura PDF is a sacred tradition (Hadees-e-Qudsi) whose references can be found in Misbah al-Mutahajjid by Shaykh al-Tusi and Kamil al-Ziyarat by Ibn Qulawayh. In expressing veneration and seeking higher levels of peace for Imam Husain (AS), we are trying to unite with his ideas, thoughts, and towering volition, and in cursing his opponents who overtly declared themselves to be Muslims and believers, but were extensions of hypocrites, we are trying to flee from all their ideas, thoughts and actions. Download the Ziarat E Ashura PDF using the link given below..

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