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 The Outsiders
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 05 Jun 2022
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 eBooks & Novels
The Outsiders PDF , The Outsiders PDF Download , The Outsiders PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article. The Outsiders PDF Details , The story begins with Ponyboy walking home from the movies and getting jumped by a group of Socs (or Socials), the rich kids from the West Side who drink, drive fancy cars, and beat up Greasers just for fun. The Greasers fear and hate the Socs because the Socs once beat up Ponyboy’s friend and fellow Greaser Johnny Cade. The night after Ponyboy’s run-in with the Socs, Johnny, and Ponyboy go to the movies with their friend Dally Winston and chat up two Soc girls named Cherry and Marcia. After the movie, Johnny and Ponyboy are walking the girls home when a group of Socs shows up, including the girls’ boyfriends, Bob and Randy. The boys have been drinking, which is why Cherry and Marcia had left them and gone to the movies by themselves. Bob turns out to be the same boy who beat up Johnny. To avoid a fight between the boys, Cherry and Marcia agree to go home with Bob and Randy. When Ponyboy arrives home late, Darry shouts and slaps him, startling both of them. Ponyboy runs off and finds Johnny, and the two boys walk to the nearby park so Ponyboy can calm down. The Soc boys show up again, drunk, and when Bob threatens Johnny while the other boys try to drown Ponyboy in a fountain, Johnny fatally stabs Bob in self-defense.You can download The Outsiders PDF by clicking on the following download button. The Outsiders PDF Download Link..

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